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Cometa Orion BP

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  • Maximum pressure 200bar/3000 psi.
  • Bolt action system.
  • High precision cold hammered barrels.
  • Wood stock ergonomically designed.
  • Quick fill facility, standard (Foster) in all models.
  • Manual safety.
  • Self-actuating multi-shot magazine.
  • Includes hard plastic case.
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Kalibrgun Cricket Standart PLB

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Short on overall length, but high on power! The Cricket Standard gives rifle performance with an ultra short bullpup design. The Synthetic model features a black stock with optional cheek piece (shown) along with 4X magnetic magazine holders built-in. Includes 2 magazines.

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Trípode Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3

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Ask any hunter whose livelihood depends on making big shots count and they’ll tell you they bring two triggers. The one on their rifle, and the one on their Trigger Stick from Primos. It’s the only shooting stick that allows you to make quick and steady one-hand adjustments to get on the mark faster. Whether you’re sitting, kneeling or standing simply squeeze the trigger again for a last-second micro adjustment without losing your sight picture. Now you’re ready to make the shot of a lifetime—anytime, anywhere. Bring 2 Triggers. Bring the Trigger Stick. 

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