Onix Snowpeak P18
Carabinas PCP

Onix Snowpeak P18

For those looking for a "tactical" type weapon with excellent performance. Tank capacity: 300cc. Maximum load pressure: 200 bars. Regulating valve installed. Double pressure gauge: one for the tank and one for the regulating valve. Charging probe with “foster” type quick connector. Single shot only. No possibility of using charger. Two-stage trigger that...
Very careful design halfway between classic and tactical. Tank capacity: 250cc. Maximum load pressure: 200 bars. Pressure gauge at the tip of the tank. Regulating valve installed. Charging probe with “foster” type quick connector. Two-stage trigger that allows a precise and relaxed shot. It has insurance. It is supplied with a power of 24 joules. It...
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CHARACTERISTICS 01. Adjustable regulator   02. Removable air tank 03. Up to 50shots per fill   04. Magazine capacity : 24rounds(.177),20rounds (.22) 18rounds(.25) 05. Two-stage adjustable trigger   06. Max fill pressure 250bar(3600psi) 07. Barrel length:24”   08. Air capacity 205cc 09. weight 3.0kgs
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