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Weihrauch HW100 S FAC

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The model HW 100 is equipped with a muzzle-break as standard. Against extra charge it can be supplied with moderator.

Handy and elegant sporter stock, oiled walnut, with checkering on the pistol grip and forearm, pistol grip cap, new ambidextrous. (Scope against extra charge)

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Precision air pistol in modern design, craftman-ship made in Germay, recoilless action at entry level price point .

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Spring Air Arms TX200

Price €14.88

Spring Air Arms TX200 

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Air Arms HFT500

Price €983.47

To win a hunter field target competition, you need a rifle which will produce consistent accuracy right out to 50 metres, in all kinds of weather from chilly sub-zero temperatures to the intense heat of midsummer. Add rain, wind and the demands of these changing conditions and you will quickly find that a successful hunter field target air rifle is a specialised piece of equipment.

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JSB Exact 4.52

Price €7.27

The company’s best seller. It is absolutely the most popular ammunition at present. The weight has been designed so that it agrees with most of the FT air rifles on the market. It is a very functional profile common for the whole Exact series. It owes its stable flying properties especially to the higher weight and the ideal gravity centre placement. 

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Plunger Seal Weihrauch HW97/ HW77 / HW85

Price €7.44
  • Piston seal for models: HW85, HW77 (NEW) E HW97 (NEW).

  • External Diameter : 26 mm

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Air Arms TX200 MKIII Beech

Price €454.55
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The smooth, full-power, consistent shooting qualities of the TX200 MkIII are a product of several features working together. These include a balanced mainspring, guide and piston system, which runs on synthetic bearings to reduce friction. Less energy lost to friction means higher efficiency, easier cocking and reduced recoil. 

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Gamo Chacal

Price €238.02
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If you are planning to buy a new PCP, Gamo’s Chacal air rifle is a winning bet. Do not be fooled by its compact size. The most compact air rifle from Gamo is also the most versatile. 

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Kalibrgun Cricket Standart PLB

Regular price €909.09 Price €808.09
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Short on overall length, but high on power! The Cricket Standard gives rifle performance with an ultra short bullpup design. The Synthetic model features a black stock with optional cheek piece (shown) along with 4X magnetic magazine holders built-in. Includes 2 magazines.

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Excite Plinking C/4.5

Price €2.23
The classic choice for plinking, hobby shooting and C02 pistol. Meets all basic requirements of quality and precision. Unbeatable price-performance ratio. Ribbed.

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Samyang Domed C/4.5 (EUJIN)

Price €7.02
  • Weight : 1.03g 

  • Box: 220 Unds

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O`Rings Cometa Fenix 400

Price €0.41

O`Rings Cometa Fenix 400

Availability: 7 In Stock
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