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Gamo HPA Mi IGT Air Rifle

This excellent air rifle has arrived to set a new standard in the tactical market of air rifles. With an extremely silent Whisper Maxxim silencer, a state-of-the-art IGT ™ recoil-free power plant and a compact folding bipod, it will be ready to fire whenever you need it, turning the most recondite locations into safe and stable firing locations.

The HPA Mi by Gamo is a 24-joule tactical air rifle composed of a Whisper spout and a state-of-the-art polymer material, which features Gamo's IGT ™ technology, an innovative system that replaces the traditional main dock with a pneumatic cylinder of last generation, improving its speed, providing a more constant power level, reducing cocking efforts and reducing unwanted vibrations. This exceptional air rifle features a custom CAT ™ trigger that can be adjusted in two independent phases, a state-of-the-art SWA ™ rubber pad and an adjustable cheek piece. This striking air rifle also incorporates a new tactical folding bipod that can be adjusted in extension and position to provide a stable firing position in a matter of seconds.

4.5 mm (.177) muzzle velocity 305 m/s
5.5 mm (.22) muzzle velocity 220 m/s
Length 115 cm
Weight 3.2 kg

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