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  • Caliber: 4.5 (.177)

Samyang Domed C/4.5 (EUJIN)

Price €7.02
  • Weight : 1.03g 

  • Box: 220 Unds

Availability: 30 In Stock

Excite Plinking C/4.5

Price €2.23
The classic choice for plinking, hobby shooting and C02 pistol. Meets all basic requirements of quality and precision. Unbeatable price-performance ratio. Ribbed.

Availability: 95 In Stock

HN Red Scorpion C/4.5

Price €9.50

Medium-weight, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges. High impact and penetration. Aerodynamic design through plastic tip. Controlled expansion. Smooth with plastic tip. 

Availability: 47 In Stock


Price €7.85
  • Weight : 0.45 g // 7.0 gr

  • 500 Unds 

Availability: 13 In Stock

Gamo Match C/4.5

Price €1.82


The GAMO Match is a precision pellet. A relatively light weight and flat head that cuts targets cleanly makes this pellet tops for shooters wanting tight groups. High accuracy and excellent value for money.

Extremly accurate training pellet for the demanding shooters. 

Availability: 37 In Stock

Cometa Exact 4.52 (JSB)

Price €6.94
  • 500 unidades.
  • Weight : 0,547gr.
Availability: 22 In Stock

JSB Exact 4.52

Price €7.27
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The company’s best seller. It is absolutely the most popular ammunition at present. The weight has been designed so that it agrees with most of the FT air rifles on the market. It is a very functional profile common for the whole Exact series. It owes its stable flying properties especially to the higher weight and the ideal gravity centre placement. 

Availability: Out of stock

Skenco UltraMag C/4.5

Price €4.55
  • Weight: 11.3 grain/0,735 grams

  • Box :  150 Unidades.

Availability: 26 In Stock

Cometa Exact Express 4.52 (JSB)

Price €7.27
0,51 gramos
7,87 grains

Availability: 91 In Stock

Excite Spike C/4.5

Price €3.22
Medium-weight, accurate pointed pellet for plinking, hobby shooting and C02- Pistols at medium ranges. Aerodynamic design for flat trajectories and high impact. Ribbed.

Availability: 58 In Stock

HN Baracuda C/4.5

Price €7.02
Heavy, very accurate pellet for long ranges. First-class, aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Tight shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy. Smooth.

Availability: 17 In Stock

Gamo Magnum C/4.5

Price €2.27


 The pointed tip increases the penetration and the double ring design aids in the mushroom effect on impact.  

Availability: 47 In Stock
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