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The best air rifles at the best price, The best brands in the market . Kalibrgun, Weihrauch, Cometa, Gamo


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    Air Rifles Spring , In this section you will find the best carbines of the best brands both Spanish and foreign. Hatsan, Weihrauch, Cometa, Air Arms, Gamo, Norica 

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    Air Rifles PCP , In this section you will find the best carbines of the best brands both Spanish and foreign. Air Rifles PCP from 199€- BSA , Gamo, Weihrauch, Cometa, Onix, Kalibrgun, Air Arms, Hatsan

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    Wide range of precision and recreational pellets for air rifles and pistols. Choosing the best pellet for every situation is crucial Good combinations depend on the right pellet to a large extend. We work with the best brands in the market JSB, H&N Sport, Cometa (JSB), Samyang, Gamo, Skenco

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    Whether you are a beginner or competitor air pistol shooter, you are guaranteed to find the right gun at the best price here at Armeria Merino. Our air pistols are perfect of all levels of shooters. As you browse our large selection you will find some of the best air pistols from the top airgun manufacturers.

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    We stock a wide variety of accessories for airguns including cleaning supplies, co2, targets, traps and more!

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    Cometa Air Gun

    Accuracy matters. And the Fenix 400 delivers! Breakbarrel guns come and breakbarrel guns go, but the Cometa Fenix 400 will stick around for some time because it does the one and only thing that matters when it comes to guns: it hits its mark every time. If you want a gun that's accurate, get this. Accuracy matters. And the Fenix 400...

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    An idea conquers the hearts of people keen on sports, youthful and young of heart. Weihrauch air rifles offer a lot of pleasure in sports. The underlever air rifle HW 97 K especially developed for field-target and silhouette shooting, well-balanced, easy and smooth cocking. Ambidextrous An idea conquers the hearts of people...

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    Air Arms

    The smooth, full-power, consistent shooting qualities of the TX200 MkIII are a product of several features working together. These include a balanced mainspring, guide and piston system, which runs on synthetic bearings to reduce friction. Less energy lost to friction means higher efficiency, easier cocking and reduced recoil.  The smooth, full-power, consistent...

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    A GAMO airgun of small size and low power to initiate the youngest members of the household into the world of airguns. An airgun with a modern look, precise, very light and easy to load, with which the youngest ones can fire their first shots. A GAMO airgun of small size and low...

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    Power to spare! No matter which caliber you get, the Hatsan 135 air rifle will take care of pesky garden varmints and destructive critters, such as squirrels, rabbits, grackles and chipmunks. The shock absorber reduces vibration, and that should increase accuracy, as well. Power to spare! No matter which...

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    Magazine Kalibrgun Available: 4.5, 5.5 and 6.35 Magazine Kalibrgun Available: 4.5,...

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